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New Carriers

Destination Transport Carrier Setup Packet

For new carriers, Destination Transport has an online carrier registration process. After filling out your information, you will receive a PDF download with our company information for your reference.

New Customers

Destination Transport New Customer Packet

Our New Customer packet includes:

  • Credit Application
  • General information about Destination Transport, LLC
  • Macropoint GPS Tracking Partnership availability
  • TIA Certification
  • Certificate of Insurance
  • W9
  • NMFTA SCAC Code Assignment
  • Notice of Assignment of Accounts and instructions for payment

Contact Us

DestiNATION Transport
203 Jackson Street – Suite 204
Anoka, MN 55303

Fax: 888.561.1886

Quoting in 15 Minutes or Less!

We value your time. At Destination Transport, we guarantee a quote for your delivery in 15 minutes.
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