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DestNATION Transport offers truckload, LTL, over dimensional and heavy haul freight services. With our extensive knowledge and 30 plus years of experience, we have groomed DestiNATION Transport into a service that offers convenience and efficiency when you ship your freight.

Extraordinary customer service, communication and honesty are the three foundational pillars of our company, and three areas our founders have seen fading in the freight and trucking industry in the recent years. We believe in the importance of these three vital components of the business cycle, and we believe they can be delivered along with the most competitive rates and the best customer service possible.

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DestiNATION Transport arranges the transporting of goods throughout North America, matching our customers with the best available carriers and equipment to move their freight. The prompt execution of pickup and delivery along with superior communication is essential in keeping our customers satisfied through the entire shipping process.

Dry Van Shipping

Dry van shipping is the most frequent form of transportation equipment in the trucking industry on a day to day basis. The majority of semi’s you see on the road have a dry van trailer connected. It’s no surprise that these trailers can accommodate the majority of products shipped, from the carpet that lines your house to the food that stocks your local grocery store. This means you will have the advantage of our vast array of truckload capacity throughout North America. It’s our commitment to ship your goods safely and efficiently to the DestiNATION desired.

Flatbed and Step-deck

There are a variety of reasons why your freight may need to be transported on a flatbed or stepdeck trailer. The main reasons are due to the size and the way the freight is packaged. In addition to this loading requirements may also be a cause. Many shippers may need to side load a trailer or possible load with a crane if the size and weight deems it necessary. With our experience and knowledge our team can help you best determine which option would be best for your freight needs.

Over-Dimensional and Heavy Haul

Versatility is key when choosing who and how to ship your over-dimensional and heavy haul shipments. Whether it is a piece of machinery that is 20 ft. long and 80,000 lbs., or a windmill 100 ft. and 40,000 lbs., we will match you up with premier trucks and take out the heavy lifting required when deciding what type of equipment is needed.

Temperature Controlled

If you have goods that are sensitive to temperature, DestiNATION is ready to ship your freight at what-ever specifications are needed, keeping the product safe through various weather conditions. We at DestiNATION Transport can handle the matching of carriers and the vast array of industries and commodities that require temperature controlled units. Our carrier base of temperature controlled carriers is unparalleled in the industry.

The LTL industry is becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with rule tariff and classification changes. With many factors playing a role in LTL pricing, a simple mistake can be a big cost. At DestiNATION we aim to assist the customer in properly classifying and quoting their freight per their desired needs.

DestiNATION can provide nationwide coverage for your LTL needs. Our knowledgeable account executives can provide an on demand rate quote per your required specs. With our network of carriers, we will provide the most cost effective option that best fits your needs.


DestiNATION Transport, LLC can assist with OTR full truckload services for freight with special requirements. A few of these special requirements include expedited freight, project freight, high-risk/high value freight and oversized/over-dimensional freight.


DestiNATION Transport is partnered with various van, reefer and open deck carriers that employ team drivers whose sole job is to transport freight as quickly as possible to hit whatever expedited goals you are trying to hit, all while making sure your freight is moving safely and legally.


Be it high volume, holiday season, sever weather, disaster relief or other season rushes, DestiNATION can provide logistical solutions for whatever project freight you have. We are partnered with local, regional and national carriers that can handle projects with volumes from one load to hundreds of loads.


DestiNATION has the capacity and volume to service any high-value freight you need to transport.


Handling oversized loads and overweight freight can be challenging. DestiNATION Transport has the experience to provide solutions for whatever oversized and heavy haul freight you have. From planning the pickup to executing the delivery, our goal is to keep you overly satisfied by communicating with you every step along the way while your freight is moved safely and efficiently.